OK, they aren’t pesky, I just wanted to say “dagnabbit”…. and “pesky” seems like it’s in the same vocabulary realm.

Anyway, the robins are back.  They were awful parents. 4 eggs, only 2 hatched, one baby met it’s demise on the table (must have fallen out?) before it’s 3rd full day of life.  And I watched the daddy robin PUSH the other baby out to meet the same fate when it was just 4 days old. Yeah, I can’t condone that style of parenting in my home, so I gave them the axe. Semi-literally.  (I took the nest out of the tree).

Here’s the post from last summer.

Fast forward 2 weeks short of a year…..we’ve been doing lots of yardwork and we noticed debris on the table. Just a smidge. Couldn’t find any source, but decided to keep an eye on it, after all, that’s how we found last summer’s nest.  Sure enough, Wednesday afternoon there was quite a bit more debris.

And Thursday morning, even more.


And I watched out the window and saw the robins coming TO the tree with building materials in tow. Not leaving the tree with building materials. So I stepped outside and I think I see the beginnings of a nest. Again.

That would explain all the spying. The robins have been hovering around our yard for a couple weeks now, gathering food and just hanging out on the fence. I was sure that they had built a nest someplace else and were just gathering more supplies and stocking their fridge…..but no. They were in the market, scoping out the neighborhood, building plans in hand- just looking for the right lot.

If they would build their nest on the backside of our tree I’d be sooooo much happier. But no, they have to build it over our table. Again. And way way high up where I can’t get a good peek into the nest. Don’t expect a daily photo diary this time around….. I have a feeling we aren’t going to see anything.

And by the way, after I took this picture, the birds actually cleaned up after themselves!  Yep- all the tiny sticks and mossy growths were gone.  Just the teeny-tiniest debris remained.

Good birdies.  They didn’t like me telling on them, I guess.  Now let’s see if their parenting skills have improved.