We were at Cash and Carry the other day and picked up a “Center Cut Pork Loin”….about a 9 pound chunk of meat! I had planned on slicing it into thirds, one third to slice into porkchops, the other two thirds to cut into 3 pound roasts. Wrap and freeze one for later and cook the other one now.

The plan was to cook it on the Traeger, and unfortunately complete recipe instructions are very hard to find. Which is why I’m blogging this experience so that the NEXT time we want to cook one, we know what to do.

Here’s how our first attempt turned out:


Check out that gorgeous pink smoke ring!   DELICIOUS!

The process:

1. Rinse and wipe dry a 3lb roast. Sprinkle some Traeger BBQ rub over the roast and rub in.
2. Start the Traeger as usual (we chose to use Apple pellets) and once ignited turn the temperature to High (450-degrees)
3. Once hot, place the roast on the grill, fat side down, close lid and cook for 15 minutes.
4. Turn roast over and switch the setting to smoke.
5. Close lid and cook until the internal temperature reaches 160-degrees (we estimated 3 hours, it took 4.5 hours).

Instead of cooking to 160-degrees, cook to 150-degrees, then apply a glaze. We chose to do the glaze on this one, which was a mixture of BBQ sauce and Costco’s ‘Peach Mango Orange” spread, with a dash of maple syrup. We warmed the mixture in a saucepan, then brushed the pork loin generously and continued cooking until it reached 160.  It took about an hour to go from 150 to 160-degrees.

Pre-glazing it looked like this:


After glazing and cooking for another hour, it was a beautiful reddish color:


And it was completely delicious and a must keep recipe!

Side note…..a common technique among serious BBQ/Smoker grillmasters is to pull the meat just a couple degrees below the finished temperature (in this case 158), and FTC it!  Wrap the meat in foil (F), then wrap it in some heavy towels (T), then put it into a cooler (C), shut the lid, and keep it in there for a couple hours. This keeps the meat warm and tender.  This also works if you want to have your meat ready by a certain time, but don’t know exactly how long it’s going to take for your meat to cook….just start it on the early side….and if it’s going to be done way too early, “FTC” it!