Boy it takes me a long time to mull over ideas and shop and compare and visualize and measure and determine WHAT exactly it is that I want.  I think I’m there!

Remember this post where I discussed my dreams for a new office?

I think I’ve found my solutions!  And I’m so excited!  At this particular moment I’m fighting the urge to go in there and rip everything off the walls to repaint.  Don’t be surprised if there’s a post in a few days with new wall colors…but also don’t be disappointed if there’s not a post with that.  I’m really trying to prioritize my NEED TO-DO’s and this certainly isn’t one of them, but I’m thinking that since the elliptical is currently in the family room and the old treadmill is out the door, well, there’s a lot of room in there to be able to repaint.

I digress.

Look what I’ve put together for our new office…all from Ikea of course!

A stainless steel desktop!
This would be the base of the stainless steel desktop on one side. The other side would be simple table legs.
2 of these…. one to mount horizontally above desk.
This 70″ tall cabinet would be a great way to store things outta sight and also give a little decorator edge!
A couple of matching silver file cabinets- perfect!

The goal is to pretty up the space, declutter it, allow for better storage and organization, and go for “grown-up” manly office look!

As for the room layout, it will pretty much stay the same…..but eliminating the rolling cart and 2 bookcases and replacing those with the Expedit wall unit and the giant Galant storage unit will more than quadruple the storage space with less of a footprint.

Current (well, before last night!):

Previous layout….green=treadmill, red=elliptical, dark grey=bowflex, the rest is all office furniture (bookcases, tables, desk, file cabinet, huge office chair).

Proposed (sorry, I can’t get this image to rotate to face the same direction):



Stay tuned!