(Originally Posted Thursday November 8th)

I might have an overly ambitious to do list… I’m just gonna lay it all out here and see where I end up after a week or so.  This is in no particular order or priority, just stuff that needs to get done (by me, sadly)…most of this is stuff that has been hanging around for months (and I mean MONTHS) and I just never find the time.  I’m currently starting a two-week focus to see how much I can do.  No more procrastinating…let’s get ‘er done!

Day One (Thursday) I managed to knock a few things off the list as the result of the washing machine overflowing suds all over the laundry room floor, requiring me to spend quite a bit of time in there pulling everything out, cleaning, inspecting, and finally putting everything back in it’s rightful place.

Laundry Room- Shelving solution above Washer/Dryer
Laundry Room- clean tool bin
Laundry Room- sort through/put away mugs/cups

Day Two (Friday), I managed to cross several items off, however tripled what I added TO the list!  I stayed up reeeeeeeally late that night!

Finish reading book
Update finished reading list (click here)

Add books to hold- library2go digital books
Prep for carpet shampooing- playroom, front room
Office- get all the goodwill things outta there
Office- get all the garage sale things boxed up
Outside- ran blower for leaves in backyard
Outside- rake leaves front yard (Trevor and Riley!)
Outside- remove/empty hanging baskets
Thorough dusting of books and shelves (bottom 2 rows Brooke!)
Goodwill Drop-Off
Set up scrapbooking table
Get albums and scrapbook supplies out and ready
Move elliptical out of office to make room for treadmill delivery in 2 weeks
Get rid of old treadmill (yay!  Jake took it!)
Measure everything in office to come up with a realistic office furniture solution
Virtual shopping at Ikea.com to see what office furniture will fit in there
Take most things off office walls (artwork, old frames)
Empty 2 bookcases in office
One bookcase going to Goodwill (in back of my car now)
Other bookcase moved into Laundry Room for organizing
Debated painting the office this weekend (still TBD on that)

And not on my to-do list but also done Friday:

Plunged toilet about 20 times (still clogged)
Sign approval letter from bank saying we agree to purchase house
Sanitize bathtub after DCB pees in it!
Folded 2 loads of towels
Work & household chores

Day Three (Saturday):

Scan soccer pictures
Scan school pictures
Take Riley to buy soccer shoes
Trevor has a soccer game
Get toilet fixed!
Had the carpets shampooed (which meant moving furniture around)
Filed docs for the 4100 house
Sorted through the kids school and sports pictures, reorganized them
Started scanning school papers for scrapbook
Put the garage sale stuff up in the attic
Sorted through the file cabinets to see if there’s any space to consolidate (not much, bummer)
Took the recycling to the recycling center
Dropped more stuff off at Goodwill
Finalized Office furniture plans!!  Yippee!!

Day Four (Sunday):

Go through the rest of the kids school papers & artwork, file
Put away scrapbooking supplies (guess I wont’ be doing that this weekend after all!)

Our bedroom- clean closet!! Swap summer for winter
Dust-mop under our bed- ewwww!
Trip to IKEA to buy office furniture!
Assemble said furniture (well, most of it)
Bedtime 2:30AM (yikes!)

Day Five (Monday):

Finish Office! (um, took about 8 hours)
Office Daycare bins- put away/sort through
Lowe’s: buy room darkening shade for Brooke’s room
Install room darkening shade

Day Six (Tuesday):

Blog about office

Day Seven (Wednesday):

List some items on Craigslist
Schedule Inspection- again
Measure new desk and cabinet in office to order glass tops

Day Eight (Thursday):

List things on eBay (WOW this took about 2 hours!)
Organize eBay items in office
Ordered glass tops for office furniture

Day Nine (Friday):

Clean out all 3 freezers to make room for a 1/2 cow
Armoire- Left side organizing

And here’s what’s left on the list, which is subject to change:

Armoire- Right side organizing
Send soccer pictures to Chrissy
Dress-up collage photo for daycare
Halloween Blog entry
Sewing- hem jeans (purchased LAST year!!)
Sewing- fix pillowcases
Sewing- fix swimsuits for Brooke and Riley
Organize loose pictures
Laundry Room- Wicker Basket cleanout
Laundry Room- junk box (sort through, toss, put away)
Laundry Room- get stuff off floor!
Laundry Room- hanging storage- replace hooks
Office- clean floor

Office- file user manuals- sort through
Office- design new space (OK, not really a priority, but something I need to do)
Outside- trim back potted grasses
Outside- trim back clematis
Scrapbooking- kids school books
Scrapbooking- Halloween book
Scrapbooking- kids “life” books
Garage Sale- put stuff up in attic!
Take laptop to computer repair place (sadly it’s beyond repair)
Remove hard-drive from laptop
Remove hard-drive from super old laptop
Remove hard-drive from old desktop
Take all three old computers to recycling
Install Pergo flooring at playroom back door
Our Bedroom- stain closet door (still!!!)
Our Bedroom- finish trimwork for pocket door (after door is stained)