Long story short- we put in an offer on the 4100 house months ago (but I didn’t say anything because we didn’t know if we’d even have a chance at the house), but it’s looking more and more like we’ll get the house!  We signed a counter-offer agreement Tuesday that stipulates that we need to close by December 5th, so we’ll see what happens with that!

Now we get to start “dreaming” up all the possibilities- or, rather “necessities”- to getting the home renter ready.  Originally we’d hoped the current owners would want to stay there and rent from us, but after seeing how deep in trouble they are with their finances, we’re thinking we really don’t want them as renters.  So that means we have work to do!

The counter-offer came in with only a slight change to our original offer- the washer/dryer and refrigerator are no longer included with the house.  No biggie on the washer and dryer- most rentals do not provide those anyway, just offer the hookups.  But the fridge? Darn!  It’s a nice looking fridge, too!  Stainless steel, looks new, looks great in the all-white kitchen.

So I guess that means we’ll have to purchase a new fridge for this place.  That’s item #1.   A fridge is a necessity and I think most houses provide them.  And if a renter happens to have their own fridge they are toting from house to house, well they can put one of them in the garage as a second fridge!

I’m not looking forward to buying another fridge.  The cheapo route would be to buy a simple traditional white fridge and call it good.

But if I’m going to spend the time to shop for a fridge, I want to get one for ME not for a rental house!  lol!    So we’re toying with the idea of moving OUR fridge over there and replacing our fridge with a fancy stainless steel one (to complete the look of OUR kitchen).

Putting a black fridge in a white kitchen?  Um, I’m not so sure about that.  I mean, this kitchen is ALL white- white cabinets, white counters, white backsplash, white appliances…..with a black fridge?

I wanted to know if people even DO that, so I Googled it: “White kitchen black fridge”.

Here are the resulting images:

Not bad!  That looks just fine to me!  No worries!  I noticed that the common theme is either beige walls, or dark countertops.

I’m not a fan of tile countertops in general, but we won’t be living in that house anyway so it really doesn’t matter to me what the counter surface is as long as it looks nice.  BUT, there are a few broken tiles and missing tiles so we’ll need to do something anyway- maybe we can just put down some dark gray/black granite-looking laminate?  Problem solved!

You know how I am with my photographs, I like to do editing to see what the change would look like…..check these out….

Here’s the kitchen today in all it’s white and yellow gory glory:

And here’s what it will look like after I get my hot little hands on it- fix up the cabinets, paint the walls a dark beige, throw down some dark laminate, and put our black fridge in place:

Another angle (OOPS, can’t see the fridge!)

Um, YEAHHHHHH…..I’m down with that!  I will happily move my black fridge over there….get myself a new fancy stainless steel one for MY house…..and replace the white tile counters over there with some black granite-looking laminate….ha!

Now I’m really getting excited.  This is, of course, contingent upon our fridge even fitting in that space, so I’m not getting too gaga about it yet.