Jim and I (well, I) have longed for new countertops for quite some time.  Last winter some friends of ours did a major kitchen overhaul with granite slab counters and other upgrades and that sealed the deal for Jim and left both of us wanting new countertops!

We both really like the look of granite- not the uniformly flecked stuff you see in the stores- but the more natural inconsistently patterned and colored granite slabs, like this:

At first I wasn’t completely on board, but now I am.

Jim and I were perusing a granite catalog and solemnly realized that the granite look that we both really liked would not work in our current kitchen.  With the light honey oak floor and the medium honey oak cabinets….adding a granite counter with deep honey & gold patterns throughout would be too…. well….. honey.

Here’s our kitchen today (well, I adjusted the wall color from it’s current “red” to a more neutral tan color):

Let’s play with photo-editing and see if I can create a blended photo with the granite slab countertop:

See what I mean?  Too golden for our liking.  Yuck.

So our first thought was we could recolor the cabinets.   But then we decided that our cabinets look a little plain and outdated for the overall look we want to achieve.  But are we ready for that type of overhaul?


In the meantime, I decided to virtually “recolor” our cabinets to see what they would look like.  Here they are darkened up some:

Now THAT’S more like it.

Or how about even darker?

Um, I think that’s too dark.  Although if we went with a rich espresso color that would mean a new stainless steel fridge would be in order because a black fridge is too…..black.

I know for sure that I do not want white cabinets:

And here’s a few other modified shots….

Not exactly correct, but close enough to get an idea…

After reviewing the pictures, we’ve decided that simply recoloring our cabinets won’t be enough, we need to do something to bring the current cabinets more up-tp-date.  Maybe change the doors out as well?  Jim and I both like the double raised style:

Although we’re also toying with the idea of replacing all the cabinets and changing the floorplan up a bit- removing the peninsula, possibly extending the kitchen slightly further into the dining space and adding a moveable island.  hmmm….. something similar to this:

Stay tuned!