I love that we have a pool in our HOA.

And I love that the pool offers swim lessons for the kids.

And I love that the pool is only a couple blocks from our house.

And I love that the kids are finally old enough to walk themselves to and from.

And I love that all three kids have once again passed the swim test.

Even though the pool is staffed with lifeguards, kids can’t go to the pool without their parents UNLESS they’ve passed the swim test.  Kids age 10+ (who have passed the swim test) can go by themselves and Riley is so excited for next year- since she’ll be 10 then.  Kids under age 10 (who have passed the swim test) can go with a sibling as long as that sibling is at least 12.   Yay for Trevor being 12!!  Trevor isn’t that interested in the pool so I have to sometimes force him to take his sisters, but that hasn’t been a big issue yet.  Non-siblings must be 16.

The pool kicks off with a “Pop In for a Popsicle” day where swim lesson sign-up is in full swing and it’s day one of the pool being open.  We were out and about that day so we stopped in to sign the kids up, then the neighbor gal offered to take the kids to the pool for some swim practice.  All three kids took the swim test and PASSED!  On the first day! Yippee!!

I rarely make it to the pool.  Mostly because our afternoons are so busy, but also because I’m a weenie and the pool starts shading over by 3pm making it too cold for me to hang out there.  On weekends we are so busy with projects and errands that neither Jim nor I want to go spend any time at the pool, but the kids will often go.  I’ll go on the Sundays that Jim works, sometimes.  Swim lessons are always during my work hours, but it seems like once a year I’ll have a random day off and I can go watch them.

Anyway- love love love the pool.  Here’s some pictures from the 2012 Summer Swim Season:

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And here’s a video of Riley swimming the entire length of the pool -underwater- for the first time ever!