In an effort to not bore everyone on Facebook with my hourly accomplishments, I’ve decided to keep a running tally here!

First off, it’s my annual paid vacation week.  We were supposed to go to Disneyland, but Jim lost some vacation time this year due to the takeover with Capital One… and the time he took off for his Dad’s passing also cut into his vacation time.  We figured we’d still go, but I ended up losing a 2-kid family from daycare which has been quite a hit to the pocketbook.  No funds = no Disneyland.  I accidentally took the wrong week off anyway- the kids didn’t have school 2 days LAST week, not THIS week… they would have missed a whole week.

Anyway- so today is Day One of my Vacation- and I have the house alllll to myself.  Kids are at school, Jim is at work.  We accomplished a lot over the weekend (painted the playroom- more on that later) so this week is going to be spent putting the playroom back together, getting ready for a garage sale, and caulking and painting the trim in the hallway, living room and Family Room……you know…..things I can’t do during daycare hours and projects that will take longer than a weekend.

Monday: up at 5:45 with Jim, hanging out on the couch with Jim and the kids until 7am when everyone leaves for school/work.  I went outside to water plants, then swept the garage floor, washed the garage entry mat, then Simple Greened the rear and driver side of my Expedition to get all the mildew out of the cracks and seams.  It’s now 8am.  My mom and Grandma stopped by for a short visit and after they left I went through and washed all the floor moulding, vacuumed the carpet edges, ran masking paper/tape around all the floor edges, and then used wood filler to fill in all the nail holes.  What was supposed to be just the hallway has turned into also fixing the living room, family room, entry and pass thru.  Geez.  By noon I had ran out of tape so I needed to get more and also get a Carl’s Jr burger because I’ve decided I need more calories (I’m back on the 5 & 1 TSFL plan- feeling weak as a result).  Back home I finished taping off ALL the trim.  That took forever and I didn’t actually start painting until 2:00!  Got one coat of paint on ALL the trim….worked until we left for gymnastics at 5:00.

Tuesday: up early again. My outside morning project was scrubbing the cladding on my Ford Expedition with a SOS pad to try to remove some of the oxidation which has lightened the plastic.  I should have taken a before picture. The image below isn’t MY vehicle, but this is what the door cladding looked like (discolored to a light gray instead of dark gray):

After scrubbing the surface, I sprayed it with straight-up Simple Green to clean it further, then once it was rinsed and dried I applied some Black Magic coating to restore the color. Looks like new again! (ignore the flash reflection….it’s really a solid dark gray).

After that I did another coat of white paint on the trim throughout the house (family room, living room, pass thru, hallway, all 7 door jambs in the hallway, etc).  Then I taped off the trim in the playroom and started caulking- ALL the trim.  I’m so happy with how they came out!!  I’ve been a fan of caulking trim, but always did it without tape so it was never a perfect line….now I have perfect lines!  I couldn’t stop there- I busted out the colored caulk to do the trim in the dining room, too!  Clean-up from all of these projects began about 4:00 and by 6:00 everything was cleaned up and put away, furniture back where it belongs (except for the playroom).  I’m loving our crisp lines!!  (Again, no before pictures).


Wednesday:  I’ve decided it’s my ME day.  I spent the first part of the morning goofing off on the computer- updating this blog, shopping for stuff on ebay, checking facebook, etc.  Then I made myself a hot cocoa and climbed back in bed to watch the Desperate Housewives series Finale and the Sister Wives season premiere!  That was 3 hours of TV watching.  Ha!  I had plans to clean out my closet during all of this, and start putting the playroom back together afterwards, but no.  I was lazy lazy lazy.  The girls got home from school early (it was Early release day) so I took them plus one of Brooke’s friends to go get pedicures for Brooke’s birthday.  We didn’t get home until almost 5:15 then I was back out the door for a dinner date with my friend Kelli.  On the way home I was productive- stopped at Lowe’s for some stuff for the playroom and yard, then stopped at Mom and Dad’s to get tables for the garage sale this weekend.

Thursday: Garage Sale prep day.  Uck.