This is taken from my weight-loss blog, but something I want to keep in mind and share with you all….

As I started my maintenance phase and reintroducing “regular” foods….I started thinking about how I should eat moving forward- when I’m completely “off” the Medifast meals altogether.

Which lead me to the all burning question…..Which is more important to keep in check?  The calories?  The carbs?  The sugar?  The fat?

One thing I learned on this diet is that nutritionally packed low calorie foods are what fuels the body best.   On the 5&1 plan, I was only consuming an average of 900 calories per day in the beginning, and about 1,150 per day towards the end of that plan.  Each meal was so balanced and full of fiber and protein that I wasn’t hungry between meals (for the most part).  I was full of energy, sleeping well, I felt amazing.

So that’s high fiber + high protein + low carb = not hungry = energetic = losing weight.  Check.

Throughout this eating plan, my dairy had to be converted to full-fat versions simply due to the no-sugar requirement.  Adding 2 oz of half and half to my coffee (instead of 4 oz of skim) and ordering my sugar-free lattes and mochas from Starbucks “breve” (using half and half instead of 2% or whatever it is they normally come with).  In the beginning I limited my Starbucks coffees to either a tall cappuccino breve (because that contains less milk than a latte or mocha)….or just got an Americano and added half-and-half myself.  At home, anything that we had in the house that was fat-free, I swapped for full-fat versions because of the sugar content (so weird).  I often had a slice of Tillamook Cheddar as a snack, or added it to a meal (after the first few weeks).

I also cooked with clarified butter and olive oil- usually my sauteed cabbage was prepared with butter, not olive oil.  My asparagus and broccoli was also roasted with butter.  Yummy!

So that’s high fiber, high protein, low carb.  High fat and one can still lose weight.  Check.

About a week before I decided to Transition off the plan, I started eating more.  Still only approved foods, but I was consuming about 1200 calories a day instead of the targeted 800-900.

High fiber, high protein, low carb, higher fat dairy, 1200 calories per day and I’m still losing weight. Check.

When I started Transition, I continued to eat every 2.5-3 hours.  For the first couple weeks of Transition I continued to lose inches.  I also upped my calories to an average of 1,400 per day.

The key seemed to be: high fiber, high protein, low carb, higher fat dairy as long as it’s low/no sugar, 1400 calories per day, eat every 3 hours, no refined sugars or pasta or bread.  Minimal fruit.  Eat in balance (protein/carb ratio). Check.

Seems to me that carbs and sugar are the two worst things!!

So that’s where I’m at today.  Trying to eat on my own (having just 1 or 2 Medifast meals per day as a breakfast item and as an afternoon snack), trying to focus on the above.  Stay tuned!