Once again, while the cat’s away the mouse will play.  In my case, the mouse gets super busy knocking out various home improvement projects.  I really don’t know WHY that happens.  I guess it’s all part of my not being able to sit still!

My third project of the weekend (see this post and this post for the first two!) was totally sprung on me at the Home Depot while looking for reflective plexiglass for more mirrors for the playroom.  I happened to walk past the pre-cut plywood and fiber boards (2×4 size) and remembered that I want a plaque type thing by the front door where I can write notes to parents, or hang signs or receipts or other stuff.  So something magnetic AND chalkboard like would be really cool.  So I took it to the cutting area and had them cut it into three pieces:  2×2, 1×2, 1×2.

Then to the paint department for a quart of magnetic primer, and a quart of chalkboard paint.

Then home to set up shop:

First up- rolling on the magnetic primer:

I applied three coats (30 minutes apart) and let it dry overnight.

The next morning I sanded down the edges to give it a more weathered and worn appearance.  Fail.  The magnetic paint is so thick and rubbery, it wouldn’t even budge.  So I ended up skipping that step.

I applied one coat of chalkboard paint.  It said a second coat could be applied after 4 hours, but the magnetic primer said any more than one coat of paint over the primer reduces the magnetic capabilities, so I opted to just go with one chalkboard coat.

After the 4 hours, I did a sample ‘writing’ to see if it worked, and it does!  And it erased just fine, too!

Next up- distressing the edges somehow.  I went to the craft store and bought a white sponge pad and a gray sponge pad and already had a chocolatey one- I just swiped the edges over and over to give it a distressed look.

It ended up fading into the paint quite a bit, not so obvious after it dried.

And here they are:

In use:

I stuck them to the wall with those handy-dandy 3M removeable strips- this time using the velcro tabs!  I can easily pop it off the wall to change the look (better handwriting that way, too!) and then mount it back up.

I’m not sure yet how I’m going to use the big 24×24 size.  Hmmm…..