One of the drawbacks of having a gas range is constantly having to remove the grates to clean the surface.  And I have to say, water that has boiled over the pot does not clean easy!  Strange, eh?

I clean my range surface at least weekly, if not more often.  I’ve been frustrated with how ‘stained’ it has been and I’ve tried dish soap, degreaser spray, scrubbing with a scotch brite pad…  Nothing works.

I googled remedies and one suggestion was to sprinkle the surface with table salt, then sprinkle some vinegar, then sprinkle some baking soda, mix it all around, add more baking soda so it’s more ‘paste-like’ and then let it sit.  The longer the better.  So I did….

When it came time to wipe it off, it was CLEAN!  My oh my was it clean!!

I also read that a similar method is a great way to clean stainless steel.  Our stove front has been looking pretty ‘stained’ with drip marks and splotches.  Our dishwasher is even worse!  I’ve tried a variety of cleaners, even the Stainless Steel cleaner and polish, nothing would get rid of those marks.

To clean stainless steel… you simply spray the area with a mixture of 50/50 water & vinegar.  Then toss a bit of baking soda onto it (yes, this is messy) and like the range top- start rubbing it in with your fingers in a circular motion.  Let it sit for a while, then wipe clean with a damp rag, in the direction of the grain.

It came out so clean!

The shocker- I had no idea that stainless steel “oxidizes”.  Look at the difference between where I cleaned, and where I didn’t.  (I cleaned below the oven window, but not to the left of the window up the side).

There’s visible discoloration!

So now I will be stocking up on baking soda!  And vinegar.  And waiting for another window of “free time” to scrub the rest of my appliances!  Ha!