I’ve seen a variety of ways parents display their kids’ artwork, and I even had this set-up in the playroom for a few years- it worked great for hanging our paintings and in-progress art projects:

I had to take it down when we removed that section of wall to install a sliding glass door.  Now I have no place to display the kids’ art.

I ran across this image online the other day and it reinspired me to hang it back up:

But I’m still lacking wall space for that.  It’s too modern to hang in our front room, which is ideally where I’d love to put wall art, hmmmmmm…..

Then I saw this image on Facebook one morning:

Now THAT looks a little more my style- something I could mount to the wall in the front room and it would “go” with the style of the room.


So I went to Pinterest.com to see what other options people have come up with and I found the image above with a link to the original blog.  Yay!  This means I have the “how-to” directions now!


And her blog is great- from what I’ve skimmed in the 10 minutes I spent looking at it.  A worthwhile look- and I’ve added a link in my blog (see the column at right).

Guess this marks yet another DIY project for me to tackle some day!