Just a quick note to update our family happenings…

This week Jim was temporarily promoted to an AVP position at his company, covering the title and responsibilities for an AVP who is out on maternity leave.  It’s a temporary thing, but every little bit of experience helps, right?  The downfall is that he’s back to working a more “manager-type” schedule- meaning 7am to 5-ish pm which means he’s now not home until nearly 6:30 most nights.  I much prefer his 6am – 3pm shift!!

Trevor only has a few football and soccer games left. Whew!  He still plays DB (defensive back) and we are grateful that he plays in nearly all defense plays.  He enjoys it, but he’s still a little leary of tackling.

Riley has a few soccer games left- and we’re signing her up for basketball this winter- for her first time ever- that will start in January.

Brooke is still doing dance and right now loving her homework on Mondays- she does it ALL on one day!

Me- well my business just took a major “bump” but landed right side up and I’m really excited for the upcoming changes.   I’ve had a fairly stable group all these years.  I’ve had two long-term families (3+ years) and one of them is leaving due to a job change….which took my group down to just a 6 month old infant, a 3 year old boy and an after-school Kindergartener.  That’s a pretty small group!  In a couple weeks though I’ll be full again- with two babies (4 months and 6 months) and three 3-year old boys.  ALL boys.  Well, I have one girl- the kindergartener.   Thank goodness I have Brooke!!  It’s almost like starting fresh…a whole new lineup of kids and I’m super excited about it.

And I’m looking forward to winding down our evening schedule and taking a break- just in time for the busy holidays!