When Jim and I finished our “luxury” master closet, we joked that all the room needed now was a white fur rug in the center of the room….to really give it that touch of upscale luxury.  It was a line that we’d toss around every once in a while, but never looked into seriously.  “We just need to find a white fur to put on the floor.”

We were at Costco this past weekend, getting ready to check out when we saw a woman pushing her cart towards the checkout lanes….and in her cart was a big ‘ol pile of fur.  Hmmmm….

I comically jogged up to her and asked her where she found it- didn’t even ask her what it WAS exactly- and she directed us back to the bedding and linens area.  Lo and behold- there they were!  A big pile of New Zealand Lambswool rugs- in black, brown, tan and white.  I picked up a white one- ohhhhhh the silky softness.  I lay it on the ground and put my hands on it- ohhhhhh the plushness.  Ohhhhh the silky softness.  Oh, I already said that.  Well it IS silky soft and uber plush.  It’s also uber priced.  $124.99.  OK, in the realm of REAL FUR rugs, that’s a super cheap price, I’m sure.  But that much money is certainly not in our current spending budget, especially for a frivolous purchase that has always been a joke.  It IS a joke, right?

Not so much.

We brought it home.  The poor four little New Zealand sheep that gave up their lives so they could lay in our luxury walk-in closet.  But ooooohhhhhh, it’s so plush and silky soft.

And just LOOK at it!

Doesn’t all that furry goodness just call out your name?

It sure calls mine!  Do you know how amazing it feels to walk into our closet after taking a shower- or after waking up in the morning- all that uber cozy plushness beneath your feet?

Do you know how amazing it would feel to roll all over it naked?

I swear.  I have NOT done that.  Not that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind, because it HAS!  Have I mentioned how silky soft and plush that thing is?

I really don’t know if I can give it up!  I’m in LOVE with a fur rug.

But alas, the rug has made it back into the Costco shopping bag- ready to return.  Unscathed.  Nobody rolled around on it naked, nobody walked on it with dirty feet.  We simply can’t justify 1) spending $125 on a FUR, 2) purchasing something that can’t be machine washed, 3) purchasing something WHITE that can’t be machine washed.  We considered swapping it out for the dark chocolate fur, but again- it’s FUR.  It’s not washable.  It’s going to get dirty and dusty.

Our solution- we both liked having an uber-soft rug in there, so we’ll keep our eyes open for a washable white fluffy solution.  Stay tuned- it might take a while before we actually find something.