Brooke celebrated her 6th birthday with eleven of her friends at Pump it Up- the first time we have ever hosted a party there, although I’ve been there a total of six times now for other kids’ parties.  This was Jim’s first experience there.

We ended up driving four extra girls (one was a friend for Riley) so the car ride was extra loud. Jim put ear plugs in before we picked up the last girl! Ha! He kept them in the whole time we were at PIU and didn’t take them out until we got home. His comment (as we walked in our door to peace and quiet), “how much did we pay for those 2 hours of torture?” I dared not say.

Watch the videos and you’ll see what he means:

I kick myself for not bringing the good camera- grrrr.  I had forgotten that the lighting and photo-delay just aren’t conducive to good photographs.  You get what you get, right?

Here’s a photo parade for you to enjoy:

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