You know the crash you get after something really exciting?  The low after the sugar high?  The exhaustion after an adrenaline rush?  I’m there.

We are so close to the finish line of getting our house done, yet so far at the same time.  I think the days and days of working hard have finally hit me.  While I was living it, it was a rush and I had so much energy to keep pushing.  But being forced to slow down this week has really taken it’s toll and I’ve crashed where it comes to home improvement.

This has been a crazy busy week with more to come.

Tuesday night (last night) was a busy evening for us.  It went something like this:

Last daycare kiddo picked up at 4:35.  Grab the kids and head out the door at 4:40- run into Safeway to pick up a small 8″ cake to take to Sharis (meeting family for Brooke’s birthday).  Realize I forgot to grab a knife to cut the cake.  Riley has piano lessons until 5:00- so we rush to the instructor’s home (getting there at 4:55) and wait for Riley to come out, hoping the lesson ends on time.   At 4:58 Trevor knocks on the door.  Riley comes out a few minutes later.  We rush to our house to grab the cake knife, and make it to Shari’s at 5:15.  Supposed to meet there at 5:20.  WHEW.

But as I sit there waiting for my dinner I realize I didn’t bring a camera, and didn’t bring any candles for the cake.  Poor kid.

We eat a leisurely dinner and chit chat with the family and then it’s 6:20 and it’s time to wrap things up because Trevor has soccer try-outs at 7:00 and he’s not dressed or ready or anything, and we haven’t given Brooke her birthday present yet.  We sing happy birthday, cut the cake, and we’re outta there at 6:35.

Home.  Trevor gets ready for soccer.  Jim puts Brooke’s present in the back of the SUV.

Oh, the check engine light illuminates on my dashboard.

Brooke’s present- a new bike!  She’s all excited and rides it around the track while Trevor has his try-outs.

I tell you what….Classic Soccer league is like nothing else!  Geesh!!  I’ll save that for another post- but he made the team, which means year-round soccer for 10 months out of the year, starting later this month…. at the tune of over a thousand dollars PLUS a $175 uniform fee.  YIKES.  (Regular recreational soccer is $77/season- and we play 2 seasons).

All day long my plan was to come home and paint.  Get at least 2 of the walls painted in Trevor’s new bedroom.  No dice.  I was wiped out and we came home and went to bed.  Although after drinking 4 cups of coffee with dinner, I had a hard time falling asleep.

Up this morning at 5:45.  Trevor heads off for outdoor school today.  He’s so excited and I’m so excited for him!

And I had work, of course.

Party planning in the back of my mind.  Last head count said 9 kids were coming, and we paid for 14.  I realized I hadn’t heard from about 6 kids, so I emailed the teacher to get numbers and emails for the parents and started sending messages out to please reply ASAP….ended up hearing back from 3 of them (whew!)….but now we’re taking 4 girls with us (due to their families not being able to take them).  Of course with my engine light on that has me a little flustered.  And I realize that I need to make sure we have booster seats for each kid (required until age 8) so that makes seating a bit interesting.

I now have 13 kids coming (1 of them is a friend for Riley) and I still haven’t heard back from 3 others.  I still need to pick up drinks, too.  And probably order another pizza since I’ve only ordered 2.

Once quiet time rolled around I was realllllly tired.

I had planned on painting tonight and if I was lucky I’d get the whole room painted- 2 walls need primer, all 4 walls need color applied- and if I’m really lucky each colored wall could make due with just one coat.  Hmmm…  I tossed around the idea of trying to paint a coat during quiet time, but decided to heck with that- I’m going to enjoy the peace and quiet and READ and try to get my mind off all the stuff I have to do.

But then I started thinking about the SUV and the check engine light- and how I probably should go get that checked, and get the oil changed since that’s overdue.

And Jim no longer has tomorrow off, so that meant I needed to find someone else to pick up the birthday cake which was going to be ready at 10AM.  I ended up calling the bakery and askin them to rush the order and have it ready by 5:00 today instead.

SO now my evening has turned to: make dinner, eat dinner, go to Jiffy Lube, Costco for the cake, and buy drinks for Brooke’s party.  THEN hopefully home early enough (and having the energy) to paint.

Tomorrow will be rush rush rush with getting off work at 4:30 and getting 4 kids here or picked up and all of us out the door just before 5:00.  Geesh!

So that’s where I am.  Feeling crashed.  But plugging along and trying to do what NEEDS to be done.  It’s not the end of the world if I don’t paint tonight.