Brooke is finally riding on two wheels.  You may remember hearing how just about every summer she gets soooo close to riding without training wheels, then something happens and she gets scared of her bike so the training wheels go back on….

Last summer we finally took them off and told her she could ride the bike like a scooter- just use her feet to push along and skim the ground and she was content doing that.  At some point she actually started RIDING her bike and we went on a couple rides around our street, but she was still not a 100% “rider”.  (she wouldn’t pedal the whole time, she’d usually just scoot with her feet).

At one of Trevor’s soccer practices I decided to bring her bike and let her give it a try, see if she can do it.  And she did!  And she rode that bike around and around and around the track and gained confidence to ride it in the grass and on gravel and over bumpy surfaces.  When we got home I had her show Jim and try riding in our cul-de-sac which is much smaller and requires more turning- and here’s the pictures:

I noticed she was looking a little too big for her bike.  Riley has a hand-me-down bike that she doesn’t ride anymore, but gosh darn it sometimes you just want something NEW for your kid.  So I took Brooke to ToysRUs to look at some other things and we just happened to enter the bike area and I just happened to get a few different bikes down in a variety of sizes and asked her to sit on them and deduced that an 18″ bike was the appropriate size.  (Riley’s hand me down is a 20″ so that made me feel better, too).

I never made a comment about the bikes and tried to not draw any attention to what took place….so that when her birthday rolled around I could surprise her with a new bike.  And we did!

Just look at that smile!  We took it to another one of Trevor’s soccer practices so she could ride around the track again- gaining the confidence to ride it- and now every day after school she BEGS to ride her bike around the street.  Yippee!!