Monday Morning:

To kick off Spring Break, the kids spent the night in Trevor’s room.  It’s not out of the norm on weekends for the kids to all want to spend the night together.  We used to let them have ‘slumber parties’ in the front room, but they would be too grumpy the next day so we put a stop to that.  Now they have to gather in one of their bedrooms.

Anyway, Jim told me I had to check out the kids this morning, it was too cute:

(oopsie…the flash woke up Trevor!)

Here’s why this is so cute / funny:  Trevor has an L-shaped loft bed with 2 twin beds.  Only one side has a mattress, the other side we use for storage.  The kids pushed stuff out of the corner and made a nest with blankets and pillows and stuffed animals and ALL THREE kids slept in that corner all night long.  About 40″ wide and maybe 4-feet long.

Excuse the messy room….but here’s how the bed is (the purple part being the actual mattress):

And the picture below was taken to show you how cramped that little corner really is.  Trevor climbed back up there to catch a few more Zzzzzzz’s after eating breakfast (oh to be a kid on Spring Break again….):

They’ve spent every night together like that, all three of them cramped into a nest of blankets and pillows, no larger than half a twin-bed. 

Good times…