Last week was Spring Break…pretty much a normal week around here with work and daycare, it’s just that the kids are home, too!  Oh, and I was sick yet again.

I have a simple rule for my kids during daycare hours- either help out with the daycare, or please leave the daycare kids alone. They have a tendency of getting everyone all hyped up and screaming and running around the house.  Makes for a crazy day!

Monday: Pretty much a lazy day for the kids- getting to watch TV, play games, hang out with the daycare kids.  A normal no-school day.

Tuesday: Time with Grandma!  The kids went to Every Day is a Donut Day and then bowling, and a quick stop at Wendy’s to grab lunch.  They seemed to enjoy the outing!

Wednesday: We swapped out all the cozy flannel sheets for plain cotton sheets and focused a little on cleaning the bedrooms.  Boring.  Trevor and Riley did manage to get a group of friends together to go play at the local park- it was sunny weather for a change!

Thursday: Great Wolf Lodge.  There will be a post on that later this week.

Friday: More Great Wolf Lodge.

Saturday: Ugh. Yardwork.  Yep, in the rain.  Then Trevor and Jim went to an Oregon Hunters Association fundraising dinner….and the girls and I went to Shari’s for dinner.  Our meal was comped because Riley’s seat had gum on it (which we didn’t know obviously) and she got gum all down her pant leg.  Yuck.  The manager was so humiliated- he comped our meal, apologized profusely, and called a staff meeting on the spot to lecture them all about checking ALL areas of the seats to make sure they are clean.

Sunday: More yardwork for Jim.  I was too sore to go outside and it was raining anyway. We spent the day getting the house back together for normal life- back to school and back to work!

Stay tuned for the GWL post….and check out the Addition Blog for details on the yardwork that we did!