Trevor is really into shopping online lately, looking for good deals.  It started mid-February when he wanted to buy a Tech Decks ramp (Tech Decks are finger skateboards).  Since it’s hard for us to get out to shop in real stores (because we try to consolidate our trips to save time and gas), he looked online and found they were $15-$25 at stores like Target and Toys R Us.  Then we started looking at Craigslist and Ebay and ended up finding a real bargain:  A set of 8 ramps and stairs for $32 including the shipping.

I won the auction for him!  Then he had to learn a lesson in patience…shipping would take a few days.

Earlier this week he decided a bluetooth headset for his Playstation would be cool, because he says you can play games with your friends online and if you connect a headset you can talk to each other while you play.  PS3 Bluetooth Headsets start at $50 in stores.  He found them online for $40, and found used ones on Ebay and Craigslist for around $30.  I suggested we see if one of our older cell-phone Bluetooth Headsets might work before he plunk money down.  We should also see if any cheaper NEW headsets will work, because you pay more for the Sony name.  We’ll have to research that first.

I’m so proud of him, that he researches things and price compares things online before buying them.  He’s also doing this with cars- hunting Craigslist for Dodge Magnums, Dodge Trucks and Audi A4 cars.  He knows what he wants when he gets old enough to drive, so he’s shopping for them now to get an idea of how much money he’ll need to buy his own car.  :)

He’s become quite the researcher and shop-around-for-a-good-deal kind of guy! 

I love it!


Follow up: I found a knock-off bluetooth headset for the PS3 online for $14.00, free shipping.  It had rave reviews so it should work just fine!  Another great example of shopping around and having patience.