It’s a two fold Oh no!

First off, I can tell that I’m getting a nasty cold.  My nose has been running all weekend, nothing too terribly bad, but by yesterday afternoon I had that “cold” feeling in my throat and chest.  This has happened several times over the past few months and I usually start upping my Vitamin C intake to 4-5 a day instead of just two a day. I also take Umcka drops, and if there’s any sign of congestion kicking in I start taking Mucinex. So far I’ve been able to head off every cold that I felt was coming on.

But I’m thinking that won’t be the case this time.  I had a drop-in daycare kiddo last week who seemed to either be getting sick, or just getting over being sick.  Either way his nose was a faucet and he obviously wasn’t feeling well. That peeves me, but whatever.  I think I caught whatever bug he had.  Two of my regular daycare kiddos also have runny noses now, and they were both here on Friday, so I’m not surprised.

Anyway- we’ll see what happens, but as of now (5:30am) I’m feeling less than 100% and have a headache to boot and I did NOT workout this morning.

Which brings me to part two of the Oh no!

You know about my conscientious eating and dedication to exercise.  I don’t follow any type of strict diet, I simply eat what I want in moderation and try to keep under a certain calorie limit each day. 

For example, last Friday I took Brooke out to Every Day is a Donut Day and ate an apple fritter, then we went to Starbucks later on and I got a Caramel Macchiato.  I had a slice of Little Caesar’s Pizza for lunch.  I knew that by eating those high calorie items I’d have to scale back on what I ate for snacks and dinner.  And that’s OK.  There’s a price to pay when I eat higher calorie items.  I managed to eat within 2 calories of my goal.  Whew!

Yesterday (Monday) I managed to eat really light the first half of the day, so that afternoon I indulged in 1/2 a coca-cola!  Dinner was going to be stroganoff, and I had about 660 calories left for dinner.  Monday is Ballet, however, and there was just no way I could have that made before class, and if I made it after it wouldn’t be ready until 7:20.  I don’t like to eat that late. 

So I decided I’d pick up a  pizza.

I ordered a Jumbo Taco Pizza on Original Crust from Godfather’s, thinking Taco has to be better for you than the All Meat Combo, right?  Wrong.  No difference.

I ate two slices.  I was sooooo hungry.  Under normal circumstances I probably would have only eaten one.  Maybe one and a half?  But I knew I was overeating and I didn’t care.  I figured the calories per slice would be around 300 and I still had 660 to spare for my dinner.  It’s all gooooood.

Oopsie.  Each slice has FIVE HUNDRED calories.  A Large pizza (instead of Jumbo) would have FOUR HUNDRED calories.  OH NO!  Needless to say, I ended my day OVER in calories, way over.

And since I’m not working out this morning, well, it’s just not starting out to be a very good week.  With a head cold to boot.  Uck.