It’s funny.  I really look forward to Fridays- it’s the start of the weekend and I love my weekends.  But who doesn’t?  I don’t have to get up at 5:00 YAY! 

The funny (weird, actually) part is that come Sunday evening, I’m glad the next day is Monday. 

Mondays are chaotic.  Super busy. It’s the busiest day of my daycare week. Fortunately it’s the day the kids are the easiest to entertain.  Many are ready to be back with their friends and have fun- although usually a little tired and zombie-like for the first few hours, which helps me with my “getting into gear”…cuz I’m a little tired and zombie-like for the first few hours on Mondays, too!

But getting back into the work week means routines, schedules, and familiarity.  I thrive on that.

More Monday hecticness….within 8 minutes of the last daycare kiddos leaving, I’m out the door to take Riley to her piano lesson.  She is still enjoying them and doing really well.  Progressing along even without spending hardly any time practicing.  Maybe she’s a natural?

After her lesson ends, I have 15 minutes to bring her back home and pick up Brooke for ballet.  Head out the door for a 45-minute lesson.  All the while trying to have an easy dinner plan, so we can get something on the table before 7pm!  Ha! 

So although Mondays are chaotically busy, I look forward to them.  I see piano practice and ballet class as my “zombie” opportunity.  I’m not responsible for anyone or anything.  I can shut off my brain for a little while and simply RELAX.  And the rest of the week is all downhill from there.

I love Mondays.