Last year on Thanksgiving morning, Jim went out and got the paper and after reading through some of the ads, he noticed that many of the Black Friday specials were available right then….online!  So we grabbed our cups of coffee, the laptop, the newspaper ads, a cozy blanket, started a fire in the fireplace, settled in on the sofa… and started our Christmas shopping.  It was quite enjoyable and fun and we did score on some great specials!  Still in our pajamas!

19″ LCD HDTV for $125
iHome Alarm Clock for $39.99
Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner for $28
10MP Camera for $49 and it included a 2GB SD memory card

All being shipped to our house- for either free, or dirt cheap.  No waiting in lines.  No getting up at 2am (or heading out at 10pm the night before), no need to fight through the crowds and endure the crazy people who have lost their manners and suddenly become extremely selfish. 

Ahhh, I did not miss it at all. So that’s our new plan for Thanksgiving mornings.  While the birds are roasting on the Traeger (yes, we’re cooking two this year), we’ll be cozy on the sofa, in our pajamas, with a fire in the fireplace, coffee in hand, laptop and newspaper ready to go. 

!! LOVE IT (in a sing-song voice)!! 

(So I DID get out for a little bit of shopping on Black Friday last year- you can read about my experience here.  And because of that I certainly have no plans of going out this year!)