No I’m not pregnant (obviously!) and it’s not a puppy….

It’s a new room!

We thought when we did our addition in 2007 that we’d built a large enough home.  We added on a large Master Suite with the intention of eventually sectioning off one end to become a luxury Master Bathroom, and we would convert our current Master Bathroom to a Walk-In Closet.  But instead we turned the Master Suite into a Daycare Playroom… and we are still in our tiny 11×11 Master Bedroom.  No biggie.

We also added on a 4th bedroom.  But ended up using that as our office, storage room and workout room.  Our original intention was to move Trevor into the office once the girls started complaining about sharing a room, but we’ve been spoiled with this space and as long as I’m doing daycare we can’t have our treadmill and elliptical out in a “public” space, so we’re kind of stuck.

Several months ago we discussed the idea of adding on another bedroom at the same end of the house as the rest of the bedrooms.  We have enough side-yard space, we just need to extend the hallway.  The problem with this plan?  Our current Master Bedroom would be blocked in with no window, and we would have to eliminate our closet.  That’s just not going to work.

One morning the idea came to me- why not extend our Master Bedroom out a few feet to make room to add a window on the side?  So the following plans were drawn up.  The yellow area is what would be added on:

Technically we’ll have a 5-bedroom house, at least for a while!  

I still have a little more playing to do.  We were trying to keep the addition under 300sf, but I’m not sure that will be possible!  Required side-yards are only five feet, and frankly we’d prefer to keep it at least eight feet, but we might not have that luxury. And we want to have at least eleven feet at the front, and I don’t want to go too far along the playroom because we want to put a sliding glass door in there for better access to the playground and 2nd patio.

But here’s where it gets fun….

Eventually we CAN have our luxury master suite!  Here’s what the architect suggested we do after the kids move out… tear out the interior walls we built in the new addition and convert our original master to a huge bathroom!  Then move into the addition space as a Master Suite!