I just LOVE LOVE LOVE my Cricut!  I’ve been having so much fun making Halloween crafts for the kids to assemble. Well, I enjoy assembling them, too.  I just love making things, even though I’m not the one with the creativity, I’m simply following directions.  Ha!

Here are some of the fun things we’ve been making:

They are supposed to be Mummies, but look more like the Minions from Desipicable Me!
Hoo Hoo.
And upside down it makes a cute alien (if you move the eyes up).
I made bulletin board month headers…

We have grand plans to make more “characters”.  If I would have thought ahead a little better, I wouldn’t be sending them home with the kids, we’d be gluing popsicle sticks on them and making them into puppets!  Or making cards to mail to grandparents and aunts and uncles. Oh well.

Did you see the Mummy and Frankenstein above?  I want to make the witch, the vampire and the princess.  Oh, and maybe the goodie boxes at the bottom, but I’m not sure how big I can make them!

This cartridge has more “grown up” type items, perfect for decorating a simple Scentsy warmer!

Oh how I wish I had the time and energy to put together a huge Halloween bash for the kids, and make tons and tons of paper crafts and goodies.  Hmmm….. maybe next year?