(Whoops! I just found this in my draft box. It’s old news now, but I know some of you were wondering how Jim’s first days back home went. So here it is!)

So Jim seems to have transitioned back to Pacific time fairly quickly…

When he came home Thursday noon-ish, he immediately unpacked his bags, started some laundry, put the suitcases away…I spent this time making a berry tart (because otherwise we probably would have just sat on the sofa and nodded off)!  I was looking forward to cooking dinner again, too, something I didn’t do much of while Jim was away. I  made an Enchilada Casserole for dinner and after we ate, we decided to take the kids to Rood Bridge Park to walk and play, just get out of the house and do something as a family.  Good idea- the kids wore themselves out and had no trouble getting to bed at 8:30pm!  That’s 11:30PM Jim’s time, after he got up at 3AM to go to the airport.  So he survived his first day!

The next morning was Friday….kids had school, I had daycare, Jim had the day off work!  We got up at the usual 5:30AM which is no problem for him because that’s 8:30AM back there.  Got the kids off to school, then Jim and I went out to breakfast and ran a couple errands- I had someone volunteer to come over and watch my two kidlets for a couple hours- as a welcome home gift!  Yay!  Jim decided he wanted to try Traeger-ing some Baby Back Ribs, so we stopped at Cash’n’Carry and picked up a pack, called a couple people to see if they could come over for dinner, and when we got hom Jim got to work prepping and rubbing the ribs, getting them all ready to barbeque. 

Oh, but before we came home from our breakfast date, we stopped at the trailer repair place to (hopefully) pick up our trailer.  Yeah, it wasn’t done to our standards.  They didn’t tack up the underbelly shield, and the new pull-out storage deck didn’t have the metal grate on it, nor did it slide in and out very easily.  So we asked them to fix those things before we haul it out.  Not very happy with that experience overall.  Bummer.

Anyway, the ribs….a bit of a hitch at the start of grilling- the fire went out!  So we were an hour behind schedule, but they still finished on time and they were super tasty.  Even the kids liked them!  I haven’t eaten ribs in probably 19 years.  Last time was Tony Roma’s and I didn’t care for them.  Too chewy or grisly or something.  Uck.  But these – mmmmmmm – so tender and flavorful and moist.  YUM!

Bedtime has been a little earlier around here, but that’s because we’re ALL tired.  Saturday morning the kids have soccer- games starting at 9am for both of the big kids… and each kid is playing in three games today, so that’s SIX total.  We all need our rest!