#1.  I learned that nothing beats Ghirardelli’s brownie mix.  I bought a few boxes of Duncan Hines brownie mix when it was on sale at Safeway this week, figuring $0.88 per box was a good deal and they should taste good, right?  Uck.  The kids barely choked them down.  I barely choked them down.  We will stick with Ghirardelli.  Mmmm….

#2.  My furnace works.  Yes, in September, it got cold enough to actually turn it on.

#3.  I remembered after the furnace came on, that we never cleaned out the pellet stove after last winter.  So that will be one of my to-do items for the next week, although now the weather is warming up some.  It still needs a thorough cleaning.

#4.  Six weeks goes by pretty fast when you make a to-do list of the things you want to accomplish in that amount of time.  I didn’t do anything on that list.  Oops.

#5.  Comcast/Xfinity deals really aren’t all that great.  Sure, I might save $25/month for a year, but then it goes up, and up, and up and I don’t want to have to hassle with changing my email again.

#6.  Dressing for two soccer games- one at 9am and one at noon- is not an easy feat.  For the 57 degree game I wore jeans, my UGGs, a shirt, a sweater, a fleece jacket, my winter coat, and a scarf.  Hot coffee in hand.  Started shedding layers before the game ended at 10:00 and by noon I was in flip flops and a tank-top!  Layers.  It’s all about wearing layers and packing extra shoes!

#7.  I’ve learned that the best cure for cravings of greasy or super sweet foods- is to watch the Reebok Easy Tone commercial.  That will result in you NOT eating the garbage you were wanting to put in your body- and will make you WANT to get on that treadmill!

I should figure out how to loop it to play over and over and over on my tv!

#8.  I’ve learned that six weeks is a long time.  I suppose that contradicts #4, but in many aspects the past six weeks has gone by pretty slowly!

#9.  Fresh tomatoes out of the garden are major attractants to fruit flies in my kitchen!  And I think the squirrels like my grape tomatoes.  Every single one on the ground has a tiny bite mark out of it!

#10.  Trevor is going through a growth spurt.  The shoes we bought him mid-summer, all too small.  This morning we made an emergency run for new soccer cleats- he’s now graduated to MENS size- he wears a 6.5.  Started out this summer wearing 4.5’s.