Here’s a few funny comments from the kids this week:


It’s quiet time here, all the little one’s are sleeping and Brooke and Izzy are playing in the front room while I’m in the kitchen.  I’ve supplied them with a few toys and activities to keep them occupied.  I’m eavesdropping…

Brooke: “OK, let’s play shopping!  (pause) This is Costco.  (pause) This is Fred Meyer.  And what’s the other one called?  (long pause) Oh yeah, Target!  Costco, Fred Meyer and Target.”

I’m smiling to myself thinking….yep, she’s got all the main stores in her little town!  Guess she knows where we shop!  Should I be embarrassed by that?


The same night…..

I ask Brooke to go brush her teeth.  Less than two minutes later she comes up to me and asks if her teeth look sparkly.  It’s relatively dark so I can’t see very well, but to appease her I tell her, “sure”.

“YESSS!!  I used a diaper wipe!” she exclaims.

“Geez Brooke, go brush your teeth for real now. You can’t use a diaper wipe!”


The next morning….

Riley is getting a box of cereal and a bowl out of the cupboard.  “Mom! I’m getting taller!”

“Yep”, I say, “someday you will be taller than me.”

“Yeah mom, even when you grow up, I’ll still be taller than you.”

(Love it- when “I” grow up…hee hee)


And while Brooke is eating her cereal, I’m brushing her hair.  I ask her if she wants it down or if she wants me to put it in a ponytail.

She says, “ponytail”.

So I ask her if she wants it up high, or down low.

She says, “Up high is for princesses. Down low is for regular people.”  She pauses.  “So down low.”

I smile, and think to myself- awww, she must not think she’s a princess anymore.


My friend Kelli is driving me to the airport… the girls are going with us and they are so excited they get to go to Kelli’s and spend the night. 

To make the drive more enjoyable for the girls, Kelli puts a movie in the player for the girls to watch, hoping it will relax them so they will be sleepy when they get “home”.

About 45 minutes into the drive, Brooke says, “Mom?  Did Kelli move?” 

I had to giggle.  Apparently she didn’t realize we were going to the airport first!