I’m on a quest for the perfect boot.  Primary reason: my legs get cold on soccer mornings.  Secondary reason: I want a pair of cool looking boots to wear when I’m out of the house.  I have a pair of heeled “skinny” leather boots, the kind you wear under jeans or with skirts and dresses.  But my dressy boots aren’t appropriate for soccer games, nor will they keep my feet warm on cold mornings. 
Plus, the newest trend is boots OUTSIDE of your pants, and frankly there’s no way my boots fit that bill.
Back to soccer games and keeping my feet warm.  On the “wet” days I wear my MUCKS, which are solid rubber on the foot area and thick neoprene up the leg.  They aren’t the most stylish boots, but on a super ucky weather day I really don’t care as long as my feet are dry and warm!   I will still wear these on the really ucky days.
MUCK boots

But on the days where the weather is cold, but not muddy and rainy, I want something warm for my feet.  For the Spring Soccer season I wore my Columbia Bugabutte waterproof shoes.  They have a cozy fleece & furry lining inside and are really warm. 


it’s a new Fall season, though, and I’ve made up my mind that I’m getting a pair of boots.  Something stylish.  Something that doesn’t say “soccer mom”, but something that makes sense.  I see lots of boots in the store: slouchy suede boots, military combat-style lace-up boots, flat English riding boots, buckle laden motorcycle boots, shapeless UGG boots, etc.  You name it, it’s out there.  

UGG boots- I see women wearing them all the time and wonder if they will ever become passe.  Seems not, as stores are still laden with them in various colors and heights.  I tried them on last year and thought they looked awful.  So chunky and bulky and with my 5’4″ frame and size 8 feet, it’s just not a good match.  

I decided to give them another chance.  Costco has some knock-offs that look really nice, and I put them on the other day and the kids were split with whether or not they liked them on me.  Not that I really want to bank my fashion on the opinions of 5-11 year olds anyway.  If my kids were 14-21 it would be a whole ‘nother story!  


I pass on the Costco boots and continue my quest.   

I saw these at Target and bought them: 


But when I bring them home and put them on, they go up to my knees.  Too tall.   They’d be totally cute on an 18-year old girl wearing a skirt and layers of sweaters and jackets.  Not so good on a 37-year old mom.  So I take them back.  Plus, I’d need really skinny jeans to wear inside them. 

So I start looking online.  UGG makes some cute boots that aren’t the typical UGG, but they are $200 and I don’t want to spend that much.  Plus I can’t find them this short of notice anyway (I want them for my NY trip, too).  These would look totally cute over a pair of jeans.  COZY.  Mmmmm…. 


I head to the mall…. 

A quick stop at Macy’s and this is what I find-  a pair of ROXY boots: 


After I get home I’m a little nervous- are they too teenager?  Too rocker?  Too biker?  Do I really like them  eighty-dollars worth?  They ARE super comfortable, and cozy on the inside.  So I take pictures and post them on Facebook to get feedback.  Most comments are that they are cute and appropriate for someone my age and style.  A couple comments that UGGs would be better, though.  And one comment that they look like Luke Skywalker boots. GREEEEEEEAAAAAAT.  Way to boost my confidence! 

So I put my coat on and have Brooke snap a picture of the full outfit, maybe that will help?  And here it is: 


I’m not “wowwed” and although they look nice, they still aren’t quite what I’m looking for.  So Tuesday after work, and after much internal deliberation and internet research, we head back out to Costco to pick up a pair of the Kirkland Shearling boots in black.  A mock UGG.  Someone claims they are made by the exact same company who manufactures UGGs and they are the real deal, just $40 instead of $140.  Kids are still split.  I buy them anyway. 

Before coming home, though, we try one more shoe store: Famous Footwear.  They sell Bearpaw brand (UGG type boot) and I like the look of their boot a little better- with a heavier rubber sole and extra toe piece.  But of course they don’t have my size in black.  I want black.




I realize there’s not much difference.  But there IS enough of a difference to me!  

I come home, try on the Costco UGGs and the ROXY boots I bought the day before and decide to return the Costco boots and stick with the ROXY boots.  I shouldn’t be so self conscious, they are perfectly fine boots! 

Then I wake up this morning and think maybe I should keep the UGGs and return the ROXY boots!  Geez!  All this drama over a stupid pair of black boots!  My reasoning is that UGG’s are always in style, I can wear them with anything, they are cozy, and the Costco UGG is 1/2 the price of my ROXY boot.

Costco’s UGGs are supposed to be the real deal.  They ARE super cozy.  So I set them out and stare at them for a while.  Then I try on my skinny jeans and put them on…looks good!  So I try on my bootcut jeans and tuck my pantleg in….looks good!  So still wearing my bootcut jeans I put the ROXY boots on…..not so good.  Decision made.  ROXY boots are going back!

But I’m still not sold on the Costco UGG.  I decide to find a pair of the Bearpaw black boots, hopefully to have in time for this weekend.    I don’t care if they are 10″ tall or 12″ tall, I just want a pair.  Wouldn’t you know it- they are all sold out of size 8 EVERYWHERE. I even looked to see if the store in Buffalo has my size in stock so I could just pick them up there!  Ha ha ha….no luck. 

So now my dilemma is…keep the Costco boots which are the traditional UGG for $40…..or do I wait and spend the extra $25 to get the Bearpaw brand with the heavier sole and extra stitching?  Ugh…UGG…Er….  

I will say this…after wearing the Costco UGG around for a short while, they are definitely one of the more comfortable boots I’ve worn, they feel like a slipper- like heaven on my feet.  Now I know why people swear by them and wear them all the time, even in the summer!  So maybe I’ll just keep them anyway- wear them indoors as slippers!  =o) 

What’s a girl to do. 

This posting is truly Elisa rambling, isn’t it!