So today is the first day back at school.  Last week I had high hopes of getting the kids into a bedtime and morning routine….going to bed at 8:30, getting up at 7:30, then 7:00, then 6:30 as the week progressed.  But, uh, I didn’t do it.  Well, I started out strong, but then ended up not having any daycare kids until 10:00 on Thursday, no daycare on Friday….then the weekend of course.  So I slept in! And so did the kids!

Monday night we went to bed at 8:30. Trevor had no trouble getting up at 6:30 Tuesday morning, Riley was a little harder.  I woke Brooke up at 7:00 (she doesn’t start school until Thursday) and she was pretty much a zombie until 7:30.  I’m not sure what is going to happen with her.  I think she’ll be going to bed at 7:30 until we can get this straightened out.

Anyway, kids were ready for the bus by 7:10, but didn’t need to head out the door until 7:20.  Both kids took the bus, but Trevor is hoping to ride his bike the rest of the school year because he is one of the crossing guards (afternoon shift) which means no bus ride home for him.

Here’s the First Day at School pictures…

Can you believe this kid is going into the 6th grade already?
Riley has been waiting for weeks to wear this new top!

We’ll snap Brooke’s picture on Thursday.

It’s been a great day here as far as the daycare goes.  Nice and quiet, calm and cooperative, the kids have been enjoying puzzles and blocks and legos and drawing.  It’s been a perfect morning!  Ahhh…