The other night we were eating our family dinner and talking to Trevor about school. Apparently there are some girls in his class who really like him, but he’s in denial. He tells us his friends tease him, because he spends some of his time hanging out with the girls, instead of the guys. I asked him why they would tease him for that?

His response, “it’s against the rules”.

Jim asks, “what rules?”

Trevor replies, “you know, guy rules. From the Guyble”.

We start cracking up- the Guy-ble? So then he starts laughing and says, “yes- there’s also a book for the girls, the Girlble.”

We thought it was a pretty creative term, but then we learned that his friends had heard it on some TV show, so they couldn’t take credit for it either.

I found “guyble” in the Urban Dictionary defined as: the book by which a man is to live by. it consists of the duties of a wingman, the law by which a man is to live by, and the bro code.

It’s interesting what you can learn from a 10-year old these days!