Oh my goodness.

Two kids playing soccer. That could be challenging enough! Fortunately, both kids have the same coach, so we know there’s no overlapping of practices or games. Whew!! (We LOVE Coach Paul!!)

Trevor loves soccer- it’s his passion. He chooses to play the Fall AND Spring seasons.

But we also signed Trevor up for Baseball.

He says he doesn’t really like baseball, but every year he plays and he has a good time and he’s so good at it! Last year he was phenomenal at pitching so we hate to see him sit a season out and lose those skills.

So, knowing that soccer is his primary passion, we play baseball in the Rec league, rather than the JBO league. This means no travel, shorter season, no tournaments except for the end-of-year tournament in June. It’s cheaper too!

So now we have two kids in three sports. Oh, and Brooke still does ballet/tap on Monday nights.

So far things have worked out well. Soccer (T) and ballet (B) on Mondays. Baseball (T) on Tuesdays. Soccer (T) on Wednesdays. Soccer (R) and Baseball (T) on Thursdays. Fridays are clear.

But Saturdays have some definite overlaps and complications. Trevor and Riley both have soccer games on Saturdays. Trevor also has baseball practice. Jim works this Saturday. Next Saturday I’m out of town. The Saturday after Jim works again. The Saturday after that he is out of town. It’s so crazy I don’t know if I should laugh or cry!

We have workarounds. Trevor can hitch a ride to baseball practice on Saturdays so that Jim and I (whoever is NOT working or out of town) can watch the soccer games. He will end up missing a few Saturday practices due to conflicts, but no biggie.

Yes, I’ll admit that we have overscheduled ourselves. But it’s hard not to. We want him to be well-rounded in sports and he wants to play the sports! It just makes for a very crazy spring.