OK, well it’s not a new kitchen, but it sure looks new!  We recently purchased an over-the-range microwave and a new gas range in stainless steel finish.  Not wanting to replace our perfectly good (but old) dishwasher and trash compactor, we decided to give them a stainless steel facelift.

Here is our newly furnished kitchen!

Our range choices were limited due to the close proximity of the dishwasher.  Our only two choices were a Kenmore Elite or a Kitchenaid.  Requirement #1 was that the oven have curved handles.  Otherwise the dishwasher wouldn’t open!  Requirement #2 was that the top handle be at least 31″ above the ground, or be within 28″ depth at six inches from the side so the dishwasher could open…period.  Requirement #3 was that the bottom drawer handle be no higher than 8″ off the ground, so that if the dishwasher DID open, it could open all the way!

This is how close the fit actually is:

I’m so excited to be cooking with gas.  I’m still getting used to the stove, which would be the case with any stove.  But I’m loving it so far!  I don’t have to worry about the pros and cons with baking with gas- because our microwave also has a convection oven feature.  So I have two ovens- one gas, one electric!  I’m loving both of them!