Did you know you can easily paint a wood-grain onto smooth, plain surfaces?

Check this out:

I sooooo want to try this!

When Jim and I last looked at the 4100 kitchen, we realized the kitchen cabinets are in worse shape than we originally thought.


The doors are all really dirty and gross and should get a fresh coat of paint.  They don’t look like they’ve been shellac’ed or treated with any Polyurethane, so we might be able to simply paint over them again (and maybe take the time to remove the center knob holes and relocate them).  But after having gone through a big kitchen cabinet painting project back in September, I really am not in the mood to do it all over again.  Plus, to do it right they should be shellac’ed, otherwise we will have to repaint them every time a renter moves out!  Ugh!

So, we toyed with the idea of changing the cabinet color back to it’s original dark walnut-type color.  Easier to keep clean, less maintenance, quicker project.  But how can one paint a solid colored surface and make it look like wood?  Solid brown cabinets would look like crap….so I googled “painting wood grain” and that’s how I found out about the fabulous method shown above!

Totally do-able (or using 2013 lingo “Totes do-able!”)

BUT, after looking at the kitchen again, with it’s white range and white dishwasher, and white counters and white tile backsplash….I’m not sure we would want to change the cabinet color to anything other than white.  Sad.


Stay tuned and we’ll see what happens!