What a ride this has been…and we’re still on it!  And time has been flying by so quickly I don’t even remember what’s happened.  I had to peruse old emails and text messages and my phone log to get this detailed account!

It starts with getting an email on November 9th….it was the letter we’ve been waiting for- our approval/acceptance letter from Bank of America (the seller’s mortgage)!  Slight problem though- it gave a “must close by November 26th” date, or the letter would become null and void.


So I contacted our lender, and he told me there’s no possible way we can close by November 26th.  But that should be OK- they’ll likely extend the foreclosure date (set for the first week in December).

Next I called our home inspector guy and got an appointment for that Monday (the 12th).  Yippee!  I’m doing everything I can to keep my end moving fast.

Slam on the brakes!  I get a call Sunday night (the 11th) that says STOP!  There’s no utilities at the house so we can’t do the inspection.

Then I get a call on Wednesday (the 14th) that says the utilities will be turned on by the end of the week, so I re-schedule the inspection for Sunday the 18th.

On Friday (the 16th) I get a call that says the utilities are still not turned on, that the sellers are no longer returning any calls or emails from their agent, John, and they haven’t done anything towards resolving their judgments or bankruptcy, and that it’s looking very likely that the house will simply foreclose the first week in December.  We were told that the possibility of having the foreclosure date extended AGAIN is very slim. It’s not looking good.

It’s OK.  I’m all set to relax a bit. We’ll just wait until the foreclosure date and see what happens.  If it’s extended, we’ll get busy again with inspections and such.  Or, if it forecloses, we’ll just wait until it’s relisted again and go from there.

On Sunday, I decide to send an email to the seller’s agent(s) directly- pleading with them to do whatever they can to keep the short sale moving forward and progressing….even throwing in there that this is the house I grew up in, and our family is so excited to have it back in the family, and can they please pass that information on to the sellers to see if that has any impact (assuming they have any amount of compassion).  Actually, I didn’t send the email until Monday morning.

Lo and behold, I get an email from Tricia Tuesday night (which I didn’t receive until 9pm!) saying that the utilities have been turned back on and if I want to reschedule the inspection, go ahead.  There IS the risk that the house will foreclose and we’ll be out the monies we paid for the inspection, but it also shows that we (as buyers) are doing everything we can to keep the sale moving forward, and that might help with getting the foreclosure date pushed out, enabling us to close on the house.

SO, that’s where we are at!

We had the inspection done the following morning (today!) and we were pleased to find the house completely vacant and cleaned- the carpets vacuumed, floors mopped, it looks really good, well….really good for what I was expecting to see.

There will be another post with that information, later.

Just wanted to send an update with where we are at!


UPDATE 9:30pm 11/21:  Just got a call from our Agent- she spoke with John and the bank has taken away the foreclosure date and we should be getting an extension on our approval letter.  The sellers have everything finalized and ready for their BK….so it shouldn’t be TOO much longer!