Here’s what’s left on my the list, which is subject to change… and this time it’s sort of listed in priority order, at least the first portion:

Stay tuned and watch me knock off a bunch of those tasks this weekend!

Pick up half cow, put in freezer
2 soccer games on Saturday
Nike store for new cleats for Trevor
Get IKEA returns ready
Spot-test cleaning method to remove scratches from stainless steel
Vacuum & Clean interior of BMW (I’ve been driving it A LOT while Jim’s been gone!)

Hang scarf rods in closet
Color my hair!

Add color to girls’ hair
Help Riley with her nails
Paint Brooke’s Nails
Go through 2011 construction box- contents of Linen Closet
Put away all the Scentsy stuff!
Sewing- hem jeans (purchased LAST year!!)
Sewing- fix pillowcases
Sewing- fix swimsuits for Brooke and Riley
Clear out Expired Coupons from folder
Drill holes for new shelves in computer tower cabinet
Scrub stainless steel desk to remove scratches
Pick up glass shelves
File Cabinet- set up files for most common accessed
Go through all paper stacks in office Paper Rack- put away! (half done!)
Clear out “desk” bin (where I put everything that was on the desk before the makeover)
Armoire- Right side organizing
Send soccer pictures to Chrissy
Dress-up collage photo for daycare
Halloween Blog entry
Organize loose pictures
Laundry Room- Wicker Basket cleanout
Laundry Room- junk box (sort through, toss, put away)
Office- file user manuals- sort through
Outside- trim back potted grasses
Outside- trim back clematis
Scrapbooking- kids school books
Scrapbooking- Halloween book
Scrapbooking- kids “life” books
Remove hard-drive from laptop
Remove hard-drive from super old laptop
Remove hard-drive from old desktop
Take all three old computers to recycling
Install Pergo flooring at playroom back door
Our Bedroom- stain closet door (still!!!)
Our Bedroom- finish trimwork for pocket door (after door is stained)