For years and years, the neighbor’s Wisteria plant has cascaded over our fence and into our landscaping:

This year we finally got smart!  We bought a trellis and put it right where their trellis hits the fence….so now when the wisteria grows over, it looks like it’s a part of OUR landscape versus something just hanging over the fence.

I’ve been meaning to take a newer picture of our yard, with the wisteria cascading over our trellis, the lilies all in bloom, the petunias and hanging baskets blooming.  I wasn’t fast enough.

Last Monday that all changed.  The neighbor’s landscaping company came in and whacked the wisteria down.  Completely GONE.

Maybe they didn’t like us capitalizing on their Wisteria!  We’re curious to see what they plan to do with the trellis next.  Right now we have two naked trellis’ looking a little awkward.