Trevor’s football season officially ended last week, with a wrap-up banquet Wednesday night.  We are DONE with football.  Proud to say that his team ended the season undefeated!  Yay!

Look at this handsome guy…

His official “Fall” soccer game season ended October 23rd, and the “Spring” game season will start sometime in March.

BUT, we don’t slow down there….

His soccer team has decided that in an effort to stay fit and keep working together as a team, they will play a season of Indoor Soccer at a soccer club in Tualatin.  Games one night a week and practice at least one evening each week.  Doesn’t look like we’ll have anything scheduled for our weekends.

Scratch that- he’s decided he’d like to give Ski Club a try and learn to ski or snowboard this winter.  That means every Saturday in January and February he’ll be hitting the mountain- leaving at 6am and getting home at 6pm.  More details on that when we get them.

So that puts Trevor with activities 2 nights a week plus 1 weekend day.

Now on to Riley….

Her soccer season ended Saturday- she had her last game and an end-of-season pizza party immediately following.  She wants to play again in the Spring- but that’s not until March.

BUT, she is going to start taking gymnastics- her first class was Thursday afternoon and we have yet to decide which weeknight will work best for us, but it will be one night a week running indefinitely.

She is also signed up to try Basketball which will start in January and be every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday through early March.


We dropped the Hip Hop dance class because I wasn’t happy with the teacher being absent all the time, and the girls wanted to try gymnastics instead- so I happily agreed to switch one for the other.  Fortunately her class is the same time as Riley’s.

However, I do want to get Brooke into dance again- ballet maybe, I don’t know.  And she still toys with playing sports….like soccer.

Moral of my story-  there’s no time.  I knew life would be busy when we had more than one kiddo wanting to do sports.  We just figure out how to work around it all- scheduling is KEY in this household!