This summer Riley decided to stop wearing her glasses.  She claimed that she could see just fine without them, and wearing them actually made things blurry.  I didn’t push it and figured she could do what she wanted in that aspect….

School started and I suggested she wear her glasses and again, she replied that she didn’t need them anymore.  I know the school does vision testing in October, so I told her we could wait and see what they say.

That testing was last week…. she was not wearing her glasses….

She tested normal.


Normal vision for kids is 20/32- at least that’s what the doctor’s say.

I don’t know what her former tests showed- other than they required her to see an Opthamologist and return the form to school with a doctor’s findings and signature on the bottom.

We won’t have to do that this year- yay!

Riley did agree though that she can see better with her glasses, so she’s back to wearing them.

I was just shocked at the normal test results.  Hmmm…..