Whoah.  Stop the horse.  You learn something new every day, don’tcha?

So I’m looking up images for “padded wall mounted headboard” and I run across all these photographs that catch my eye, and not because of the headboard!

And I gasp!  Oh my goodness….

…..I’m making my bed the wrong way!

This is how I make my bed:

Do you see what I’m doing wrong?  I put the king-size pillows, then the giant square pillos, then the decorative pillows.  If you refer back to the above pictures you’ll clearly see I am going it WRONG.

The giant square pillows go first. THEN the king size (or standard size) shams. THEN the smaller pillows.

Like this:

Jim teases me because our bed has 12 pillows.  Yes, TWELVE.  We each have two standard pillows (so that’s 4) and our bedding set came with 2 king size shams (so I had to buy 2 king size pillows to fill them!), 2 oversized square pillow shams (I had to buy outdoor yard pillows to fill those!), 2 square decorative pillows, a rectangular decorative pillow, and one of those ‘tube’ pillows.  I guess they are actually called neckrolls…and if they are longer or bigger they are called bolsters.  I call them tube pillows, cuz well, they are a tube.  And yes, every night we have to remove eight pillows just to get in bed!  This is where Jim laughs at me.

I’ve been making my bed the same way every time- largest pillows at the back moving forward with the smaller one’s.

That’s WRONG.

THIS is right:

Which brings me to another point.  Go back and look at all the pictures above.  Apparently I am also supposed to be folding down my bedding to showcase the sheets as well.

Oh my.  I’m 38 years old and I don’t know how to make a bed properly.  I thought I was doing good with my hospital cornered sheets (which, by the way, I’ve been known to get out of bed in the middle of the night and retuck my sheets- hospital corners and all- because I can NOT sleep with untucked sheets).

I guess I’d better print out this blog article and hang these pictures up on my wall for instructional purposes.  And start teaching the girls how to do this, too!

OK.  This really isn’t meant to be taken seriously.

There’s probably no real RIGHT way to make your bed, you should do it the way that looks and feels best to you.  And not having my sheets exposed and having 12 pillows on my bed makes me happy (as long as the smallest ones are up front).