On Monday I saw an announcement that during the month of September, Creative Memories would knock 20% off the price of their Storybooks.  This is just the sale I’ve been waiting for.  Problem is….my 2010 scrapbook still hasn’t been started!  I now have seven weeks to start and finish my album.  Yikes!

I also saw that they were running a sale on all their digital content (papers, stickers, embellishments, etc. for the digital scrapbook program).  This is usually dangerous because “look makes want”…and since I know I can re-use the papers and stickers over and over again (unlike traditional scrapbooking) it’s harder to say “no” and not buy things!

Anyway, $20.00 later….

I’ve spent the last four days working on my 2010 family album during daycare quiet time, and any spare moments I can squeak out of the evening (ha!).  I’ve finished several pages already (23 to be exact) out of the 96 pages I have outlined, which means it’s almost 1/4 done….progress is progress, right?

Here’s what I’ve made so far:

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Stay tuned!