Jim and I adopted Sarah & Ryan’s king size bed…

… which meant we needed to find something to do with our Queen size bed.  We weren’t ready to take it to the dump because we weren’t sure we would be keeping the King bed. Riley toyed with the idea of having a bigger bed, but she was concerned it would take up too much space, so we decided to give it a trial run for all three of us.

At first we gave her the bed with our old black metal scroll frame, but the frame was too much of an “ankle raker” for anyone walking around the end of the bed.  A headboard and footboard definitely add length to a bed, so the fancy frame was taken out and replaced with a regular plain ‘ol bed frame.

Next up was bedding.  It’s important to me that my girls’ rooms look put together and not like a collection of hand-me-downs (even if that’s what they are!)  For the first several nights I just gave her one of our old quilts that I had up in the attic, but it wasn’t cutting it on the decorative front.

So I went on a shopping mission to find THE perfect comforter for Riley’s room.  Something girly but not too young or childish, something with pink that would match her fuschia walls (a challenge in itself), and not something terribly expensive.  Oh and it should be washable.

And THIS is what I found!

I LOVE it and I think it fits her personality and style perfectly!

We still need to put up some shelves, hang her TV, add a desk, etc.  But it’s coming together nicely and she loves having her own space.  It’s been almost 2 weeks now and she still makes her bed every single morning and her room is always spotless!  And did you notice we installed the chair rail?  I need to go around and fill in all the tiny nail holes, but at least it’s up and from a distance it looks “finished”.

Stay tuned as we continue to add more touches to her space… I can’t wait to see the finished product!