Look what Brooke wrote at school!  “I love mi mom”  Awww….

On another Brooke note… she came up to me the other day and said there was something stuck to her teeth.  I looked at her teeth and saw a NEW TOOTH growing in behind her two front lower baby teeth! 

Uh oh!

I knew she had one slightly loose tooth, so I wiggled it and it wasn’t any looser than it was a couple weeks ago.  The adjacent tooth didn’t budge at all.  This was on a Friday afternoon and our dentist office was closed (closed Fri-Mon).  I left a message for them to call me on Tuesday.

They called Tuesday shortly after opening… and suggested I bring her in to have the two baby teeth removed.  Poor kiddo.  What could have been a glorious “I lost my first tooth!” moment….will instead be a traumatic trip to the dentist filled with Novacaine, shots and blood.  Oh poor baby.

I took her in and what a trooper!  I had forewarned her that it might hurt a little, but  there would be a reward from the Tooth Fairy and also an ice cream treat after the appointment.

She was her usual silly self before the appointment, a case of the goofies for sure:

When the doctor looked at the X-rays and her teeth he decided just one of the baby teeth should come out.  It’s likely the other one will get pushed aside and when it’s replacement is ready to move upward it should loosen on it’s own.

So WHEW for just one tooth being pulled.

The doctor put the cotton swab of numbing agent on her gums…waited a few minutes and administered the shots…she didn’t even flinch.  (Later she told Trevor she didn’t even get any shots- guess she had no idea what he was doing!). 

Several minutes later the doctor came back (all the while Brooke is just hamming it up for the hygienist) and started loosening the tooth, then he grabbed what looked like pliers to grab the tooth and he slowly twisted it out. 

Piece of cake!  Brooke was amazed…

“That’s it?”, she said. 

He put a cotton pad in her mouth and she got down from the chair and headed straight for the prize box and was all smiles!

I had promised her an ice-cream cone…but not wanting to drive totally out of the way to spend $3.00 at Baskin Robbins, we swung into Safeway where she picked out an individual serving size container (7.5 oz) of Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream for a buck.   It even came with it’s own spoon! Yay for thriftiness!  (I was going to get a half-gallon *well, they aren’t half gallons anymore* but then I would be eating some and that’s just not a temptation I need when I’m trying to drop those last 10 pounds.)