I don’t get out of the house much, and when I do it’s to run a quick errand, like piano lessons, or ballet, or sports drop-off or pick-up, or a run to the bank or grocery store, etc. so I put on whatever is most comfortable (jeans, hoodie, UGGS or tennis shoes…..wait, do people even call them tennis shoes anymore?  I’d say athletic shoes, but they really aren’t athletic.  At least not the pair I’m talking about. These are my newest shoe addition- the Nike Livestrong low Blazer shoe.  A good casual tennis shoe: 

What do I call these?)

Well, it’s not that I put that stuff on to leave the house, it’s what I’m already wearing all day long! Let’s just say I like to be comfortable, cozy, casual.  But I don’t want to look so casual!  I want to look “good” not like a worn-out mom. 

I’ve tried sprucing up my wardrobe wih a few dressier tops and heeled boots and I still resort to my hoodie and tennies as my preferred wear. Ugh.

I had a few hours free the other day, so I decided it was time to update my wardrobe for Spring.  I’ve been watching “good looking moms” in the grocery stores and notice they are wearing layers – sweaters or cardigans, and colors, and textures.  Not plain old t-shirts or hoodies.

I decided I needed some new (dressier) tank tops, short sleeve shirts, and new layering pieces.  Nothing dramatically different from my current “casual” style.  I had already picked up a cute ruffled cardigan from Target a couple weeks back when I wanted something fresh and new to wear to my Grandpa’s memorial service. 

(not me in the picture)

Product Image Merona® Women's Artist V-Neck Cardigan Sweater - Grape Lollipop

This paired with a dark gray and lilac pinstripe blouse and a pair of black slacks and heeled boots- it was perfect! 

Of course my number one requirement, no matter how CUTE the item is, if it’s not 100% comfortable I won’t buy it (because I’ll never wear it.  See this post regarding passing over the same shirt over and over and over).

Anyway, an hour spent at Old Navy trying on at least 30 different shirts and this is what I came home with.  (Yes, I am modeling the shirts this time- a fun project for Brooke and I!  She’s the photographer!)

Are you ready for a laugh?  Imagine how dorky I felt as the photo subject here!!  Ha!

First up....a ruffled tank top to wear as a primary layer (not alone). Brooke says, "Ohhhh, that one is niiiiice." I'm not sure I'm keeping it though because although I think it's "cute" I don't know that I'm 100% comfortable with the fit.


Next up, a basic tee. I picked it up in this color and also plain light blue.
This is one of their new "embellished tees". Hard to see the design in the photo, but it's there. Raised "rolls" of material to make roses. Not 100% sold on this one either, so it will keep it's tags on until I'm sure. It really won't work as a layering piece.
Brooke says, "Oh Mom! You look like a rockstar!" This tank has sequin stripes up the front. Perfect to wear under a jacket or cardigan. I also got it in black. I suppose in the summer I could pair it with some dressy capris or shorts and it would look nice on it's own. This time of year, not so much.
This sweater was on clearance for $4.95! I threw it on halfhazardly over a tanktop, which is visibly crooked. Oopsie. But Brooke the photographer said, "Oh yea...this picture's a keeper!" So I kept it. The only "catch" with this sweater is that it contains 10% wool, which might be too irritating to my skin. Solution: layer a long-sleeve tee underneath it!

And because I knew I was shopping to improve my wardrobe and not look like a worn-out mom….I did NOT wear my typical hoodie/tennis shoes combo. 

This is what I wore TO the store:

By the way, I’m down 3 pounds (when these pictures were taken).  Most of it from my belly (whew!).  I still have 9 to go, unless my pants all get too big, then I might re-evaluate.

And Brooke the photographer asked for her turn to model, of course, so here’s her photo spread:

Yes, indeed, this is what she wore to school today. And came home with a hole in her tights.

And one more picture for good measure (she slept with pin-curls in her hair the previous night and ended up with the cutest ringlets- she wants to show them off:

OH, and I’m also on a mission for some new summer sandals.  Something with color.  I saw these in the Kohl’s ad and I want them.  Casual yet dressy.  Cute.

Apt. 9 Tesa Platform Wedge Sandals 

OH, and of course Victoria’s Secret has new shirts online that look like great summer tops (and not on the sleezy side like a lot of their summer tops!  hee hee):

But alas, they are $49.99 and $38.99 respectively.  Ack. I don’t spend that much on “tank tops”.  But *hint hint* if you want to buy me one for my birthday, the bottom one I’d like in the blue color, and in tops I need a size 8/10.

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