I finally found some time mid-week to “un-Halloween” our house, and was sad at how blah my front room looked afterwards.  Prior to Halloween, our Ikea Expedit cubby sat blank, nothing on top, and I was fine with that.  But when it came time to decorate for Halloween, I suddenly realized I had a blank canvas there- a whole table top to decorate however I wanted!  So I came up with something after reading the YoungHouseLove blog.  (You can click here for MY Halloween decorating pictures).

But alas, all the Halloween decor boxed up, all I had left were a few random Autumn decorations, and no real “theme”.  My Ikea Expedit was once again blank and empty and I couldn’t stand it.

So today I did some shopping!  Went to Michael’s where they had 60-70% off almost everything Autum related.  I picked up 3 brown and gold toned vases

a twine wrapped vase 

a floral grouping and individual floral stems, 2 candle holders

a couple of weird little birds

some leaf garland

some berries

and unique little pumpkins

and put it all together like THIS:

Alas, I finally have some non-Halloween, Autumn decor that will carry us through Thanksgiving!  I’m already excited to decorate for Christmas!