I love my Fridays.  I only have 2 full-day kiddos and 1 afterschooler, and of course Brooke after she gets home from Kindergarten.  Makes for an easy day.  Sometimes I have a sub come over and fill in for a few hours so I can enjoy a bit of “freedom”. 

Today was ultra-fantastic!  My 2 full-day kiddos were only here for a couple hours, so I was able to go out to coffee and visit with my high-school pal Melodie, then I stopped at my friend Jen’s house to deliver her Scentsy order, then popped in to Glamorous Nails to get my brow waxed (she suggested my lip too, ouch!), then stopped at two banks to make deposits, then back home!  After Brooke got home from school she and I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up a new gigantic-size French Press (52 oz!) and then headed across the road to Michael’s where I stocked up on clearance Fall decor for our front room.  Retail therapy, I call it!

Brooke and I grabbed lunch to go from Carl’s Jr (my favorite) then hurried home to start assembling my flower arrangement and get all the decor up before the big kids came home.

It was sunny out after school, and the big kids wanted to go rake leaves.  I wasn’t going to stop them!  I actually joined them!  Got our front and side yard done, and moved the leaves across the street so TVWD can come pick them up next week.  I’m so thankful we have that service in our neighborhood!!  I could not imagine having to bag leaves, or smash them into a yard debris can.  Sorry all.

Anyway, it ended up being a spectacular day.  Tuesday should be quite similar as I only have one kidlet here, so I promised her that we would go get some coffee (hot chocolate for her) and do a little shopping while Brooke is at school, then we’ll pick up Brooke and go out to lunch- a special treat.   The rest of the daycare gang doesn’t show up until 1:00 and 2:30.  

Next Friday will be similar to today- I have the whole morning off this time.  No work until 2:30!   Gotta love a 2-hour work day!  Maybe I’ll schedule a massage for that morning.  Or just sleep in.  Or…..??  WOO HOO!