Well this is a weird one!  Brooke enjoys looking at our scrapbooks, in particular the baby books of her siblings (and herself!).  Today she gets out Riley’s book and looks at it and notices a picture of Riley getting her hair rinsed/shampooed while in the hospital shortly after birth.

She turns around and says to me, “Mom, how come nobody washed MY hair?”

I responded, “they DID, just nobody took a picture of it.”

She responds, “Nuh uh.  There’s not a picture in my book so nobody did it.”

(That was the first “odd” comment- strange that she thinks it only happened if we took a picture.  But it gets even more interesting.)

She walks over to the bookcase and grabs her baby book.  She walks back and puts it next to Riley’s book, and then starts counting the pages in Riley’s book.  Then she opens her book and starts counting pages to nine.

“See Mom?  Page 9.  There’s not a picture of me with my hair washed. So nobody washed my hair.”

Then she goes and gets Trevor’s book, and same thing, turns to page 9.  Nope.  No picture on that page.

So strange to me that she associates the pictures on a certain page- to be on the same page in the the other scrapbooks?  Almost like she expects each book to be identical?  It’s the page number thing that really blew my mind!

Oh boy.  Not sure what we’re in for with the wiring of her little brain!