For the first time ever, we decided to have our carpets professionally cleaned.  I’ve always just done the job myself, renting a machine from Starks (supposed to be stronger than a Rug Doctor machine) and I’ve been using some industrial strength carpet cleaning solution from Cash’n’Carry.  Combined, the two do a great job, and I just did all my carpets in January.

I had picked up a couch at a garage sale a few months back and decided I should have it cleaned, and if I was going to call someone to clean the couch I might as well have them clean the carpet, too!  Especially the front room and the area leading out of the kitchen- it was definitely showing wear and looking dingy. 

I remembered that one of Brooke’s dance-mates father owns a carpet and upholstery cleaning business, so I called him.  He came out Friday after work and cleaned my garage-sale couch and all the carpets.  We blocked everything off with baby gates so we could let it fully dry, and I was shocked when I went into the living room Saturday late morning- and there was no blue spot!  Remember that Silly Putty Fiasco?  Not a single remnant of blue on my carpet.  Whatever he used, it sucked it right out!  (I ended up replacing the couch).

I had come to terms that the blue spot was just a permanent part of our carpet, but now it’s gone!  Kudos to Jason at Club Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning!