We all take video clips with our phones, our digital cameras, some of us still use camcorders! But what do you do with that footage?

My kids (especially Brooke) love to watch the one and only home “movie” I put together…..Disneyland 2008. That was two years ago. It actually was pretty easy to put together using the Microsoft Movie Maker software that came with my computer.

Now I’m trying to gather all my various media clips to see if I can create a 2009 Home Movie DVD. The problem is some of my videos I put on directly on YouTube and didn’t save a copy, so they will be a little tricky to retrieve again in full quality.

Certainly not a priority at this point, nor something I am actively tackling. But it does bring up a point. Why do we video tape things if we’re not going to do anything with them? Let’s do something with them!