Ever tackle eight hours straight in a car? It can get awful boring awful fast. Remember back when we all had single-CD players in our car? How many times would you listen to that same CD over and over before it was time to switch it out?

Or worse, you didn’t have one, and the radio reception was weak and staticky. Ugh.

Thank goodness for iPods! You can load hours and hours and hours of music on them and never hear the same song twice!

Today I loaded some new songs for the kids- some of the latest hits on Z100 and KUPL (yes, I know there is quite a difference in music styles there, but our kids are well rounded!). I also downloaded a couple Audiobooks: Twilight Eclipse (the movie releases June 30th!) and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I figure with a total of 32 hours in the car, we can listen to one book on the way down, and the other book for the way back!

I think it’s relatively comical how “music planning” is part of our travel to-do list now!